Model: Rebekah02R195

Author: 3DLadnik

3D Printer: Lad-1.0

Nozzle: 0.3 mm

Layer: 100 μm

Material: ABS unpainted from #DASplast

Post-processing: grinding, chemical polishing with ethyl acetate

Coloring: acrylic enamels

Models height: 195 mm


Printing The Rebekah02 Model In Scale From 1/10 to 1/32 On The LAD-1.0 Printer

The goal of this series is to check the print quality on a real object:

  1. thin shells, up to a thickness of one perimeter (dress),

  2. small elements starting with the platform (heels),

  3. small elements starting with supports (fingers on the right hand),

  4. the degree of loss of detail when the scale is reduced.


Five figures were printed, with the same settings, except for the diameter of the nozzle and the height of the layer:

  • The printing temperature is 240 degrees of C.

  • The default speed is 40 mm/s.

  • The outer perimeters speed is 20 mm/s.


Used ABS unpainted from # DASplast.

Figures dimensions, printing time and plastic consumption in the table:

To ensure a stable support for the printed elements, support is placed in large blocks.


Support provide not only maintain the overhanging elements, but also the lateral support of thin, elongated elements (legs, right hand).


Supports are printed on every second layer, the support direction changes by 60 degrees.

It can be seen that the thickness of the dress decreases from three rows, at a scale of 1/10, to one row, at a scale of 1/32.


At a scale of 1/32, an unprintable hole appears in one place of the dress, which is easily eliminated during post-processing.

Figurine printed on a scale of 1/10.

Figurine in scale 1/10 after removal of supports.

No other work was carried out.


  1. Supports removal.

  2. Impregnation after printing with ethyl acetate.

  3. Grinding.

  4. Coating 10 ... 20% with a solution of ABS in ethyl acetate.

  5. The finishing sanding..


The figure of scale is 1/10, after painting with acrylic enamels (brush).


The figure of scale is 1/14.


The figure of scale is 1/18.

The final result:

  1. The dress is printed well on all the figures.

  2. Heels are printed well on all the figures.

  3. The fingers of the right hand are printed well on figures of scale 1/10 and 1/14, with a smaller scale, four fingers are welded.

  4. The detailing of the face began to disappear on a figure of scale 1/18, on a figure of scale 1/32 the facial features are not distinguishable.

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